Body by Design OC was created from passion. 

Our mission is to live life to the fullest: have fun, find a balance and be patient with yourself. Working out is fun! If you disagree, I’ll help make it enjoyable. There are many ways to make working out a lively experience. Fun is energizing. Find a balance. The frequency, intensity, duration, time of day and the type of exercise are all components of your balance. Remember we are all unique! Be patient with yourself. As your trainer it is my responsibility to acknowledge strengthens and help with weaknesses. Your fitness goals will be met with your determination and my knowledge.



// NASM Certified Personal Trainer
// AFPA Certified
// Pre/post natal exercise specialist
// ACSM/ACS Certified
// Cancer exercise trainer


My Story

         Hi, I’m Kandace McMenomy.


         I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2001. I started personal training in college and post college started my own business. Living a fit-healthy lifestyle is a choice. I run half and full marathons, I lift weights, take pilates classes and meditate. I train smart and am focused on my goals. I eat a balanced diet. Everything in moderation is my motto! Being healthy is fun and the key to a fit-healthy lifestyle is consistency.


         I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals. I understand the body, but truly believe in the power of the mind. I’ve worked with many people over the last eighteen years: different personalities, people of all ages, clients wrestling with illness and clients requiring rehabilitation protocols. I like that every hour is different. Consistently inconsistent as I like to say!


         My goal with all my client partners is to make them fit fast and have fun doing it! I motivate, challenge, and maintain accountability. In return, we will work smart and collectively delivery the results. It’s all about the team!


         Are you ready to get fit fast and have fun doing it?