The Cool Down

Clients have been asking me about the importance of cooling down after a run. Here’s my expertise: cooling down after a run is a must! First and foremost you need to gradually get your heart rate and breathing back to your resting levels. Lactic acid occurs when vigorous activity is suddenly stopped. A cool down prevents your legs and feet from cramping. Try low intensity walking for ten minute followed by ten minutes of static stretching.

Post-Run Fueling

Main goals for post-run fueling: replenish stored glucose, muscle repair and recovery. Great, but what does this really mean...? Stored glucose (glycogen) is used during a run, to replenish glycogen eat something within thirty minutes after the run. This will minimize muscle soreness. Muscle repair- you are breaking down your muscles during a run, in order to repair those muscles you need to consume carbohydrates and protein. I like the Picky Bars! Natural ingredients and they taste great! Recovery- cross training, massage, and sleep. Cross training gives your body the recovery it needs from running. A massage reduces muscle tension and prevents injuries. Sleep in my opinion, is the best way for the body to recovery and repair itself.

A Runner’s High...Does It Really Exist

Yes it does! It is the best feeling on the planet! Ask any runner and they will tell you the same. A runner’s high is defined as a feeling of euphoria coupled with reduced anxiety and a lessened ability to feel pain. It is a very calming feeling for me. 




Running and Breast Cancer

Running is the best form of exercise for breast cancer patients. Yep, running is better than walking. Here’s why...Running changes the composition of blood, restricts the growth of cancer cells, reduces inflammation and aids weight-loss.

Is Breakfast Really That Important

The answer is No! Breakfast is a personal choice. That being said, base your meals off your daily habits. Lets use me as an example, I like to run in the morning therefore it is better for me to eat my first meal thirty minutes after my run. I will either have a protein shake or almond butter toast with apple slices.

Protein Powder...So Many Choices

I prefer real food, but my busy schedule does not allow me that luxury. If I am going to have a protein shake, I might as well have one that taste good and is easy to digest. My go-to protein powder is MediClear-SGS Vanilla by Thorne. MediClear-SGS is a rice and pea protein with a complete multi- vitamin/mineral profile. This protein powder is also formulated to support liver and colon detoxification. Try it out and tell me what you think!

Should You Workout When You Are Sick?

This cold and flu season has been really bad, in some cases even deadly. My clients have been asking me if they should workout. My advice, along with many other experts is to use the “above the neck” rule. If you have a stuffy nose or an earache you are most likely ok to exercise. If you are experiencing symptoms below the neck, such as a cough or chest congestion, body aches, a fever or nausea do not workout until the symptoms go away. 



A life time of chemotherapy....

Confused and mad were adjectives to describe me when I was told I would
be living the rest of my life on chemotherapy. Seriously, can I not just be
normal and close the cancer book? After taking a few days to process my
new reality, I took a different perspective. This is my new normal and I am
grateful to be alive.

Laughter is good for the soul...

Having cancer isn’t fun, in fact it’s awful. Doctors appointments, treatments,
waves of nausea, headaches, an achy body, the list goes on. Find
something or someone who makes you laugh. Studies show that laughter
decreases stress, reduces pain and increases immune cells.

Exercise because you’re in control...

Being a cancer patient makes you feel as if you have lost all control.
Suddenly you feel as though you are not in control of your life. I know the
feeling all too well. Your work and personal life revolve around doctors
appointments and whether or not you feel well. You may not be in control of
appointments or how you feel, but you can exercise. Go for a walk, do an
online yoga class or hire a trainer to help you. Control what you can!